Well hello there!

Welcome to my twirling betty blog!  So glad you decided to pop in and have a little look.

Well, the plan is for this to be a space to blog about my crafty endeavours as well as to share crafty things others are doing that take my fancy.  Ah, so it’s a craft blog I hear you say.  Well, sort of.  I thought I might also add in a bit about food.  So it’s a craft and food blog then?  Well,  kind of.  But I thought it might also be fun to do some stuff on Italy.  And also books I love.  And cute photos of the girls.  And of course all the latest news about twirling betty clips and accessories. Not to mention giveaways, competitions, specials and sales.

So yes, this is a crafty, foodie, business blog about life in general with an Italian bias. What?  Too narrow? Hopefully there will be a bit of something for everyone in there.  And if not, then at the very least I expect my family and friends to read EACH AND EVERY post and respond with comments of not less than 150 words providing general praise and constructive criticism where warranted. I jest, of course.  No less than 100 words will be fine.

So here we go…let the twirling begin!  Hope you enjoy the dance.




2 thoughts on “Well hello there!

  1. Its an absolute pleasure to find myself at Christen’s Twirling Betty blog. Can I just say that I’m loving it here? Just a few days ago I found myself twirling on the loungeroom floor at my inlaws with Noah (to a bad 60’s mix CD I found in my desperation to keep our ‘indoor day’ interesting – it was the coldest September day in Canberra since 1969). Anyhoo, I realised in my desperation to teach a 3 year old to ‘twist, like we did last summer’ that I needed some fresh creative ideas before the Twist caused me a breakdown. So, this blog will no doubt come in handily for me, a very uncrafty type. Just to put things in perspective, you are reading a comment from somebody who finds it a challenge to recreate the milk carton people (as seen on Play School) for my 3 year old. Justine makes it look so easy. I’ll tell you now that its not, for people like me. But enough about me.

    Congratulations Christen (Trenny Trubertie) on the launch of the Twirling Betty online Shop. Your clips are absolutely devine. I especially love the big round ones with vintage buttons. I’ll definitely be putting in some Christmas orders for my nieces. You are so very clever with an eye for style and its obvious by their appearance that they’ve been made with such love and genuine eagerness to please.

    So I’ll kick off by saying that the creative ideas probably won’t be flowing out from this end, but rather I look forward to them flowing in with an Italian flavour – delicious, can’t wait. Oh, one thing I can offer are some flashes I have of the brief times I’ve had in Italy. So perhaps I’ll sign off my comments with an Italian Flash of Essence…….Gazing down over the Piazza in San Gimignano in the golden light of dusk with homemade pasta straight from the pan of a gorgeous host, and a glass of wine and beautiful friend to share it with. That’s amore!

    Renee xx

    • Thank you my lovely Nee Nee. Gosh, feel a bit of pressure. Hope you’re not expecting me to live up to Justine’s stratospheric talent. I mean anyone can stick some wool hair on a milk carton but it takes a genuine artist to make that milk carton come ALIIIIIIVE!

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