Is there anything classier than a shot glass?

Q: What do you get when you cross a tacky shot glass with a cute piece of ribbon?

A: A tiny, sweet vase.


Who would have thought the hideous humble shot glass could be so transformed.

This is a handy way to use up all those very classy shotglasses you have left over from your twenty-first birthday.  You know the ones.  The ones you bought and had engraved because you thought it would be really cool and sophisticated to have shots of Illusion rather than a champagne toast. What’s that?  Oh. Just me then.


6 thoughts on “Is there anything classier than a shot glass?

  1. Yes…Just you:

    In a white Xanadu pant-suit with personalised-engraved shot glasses….drinking illusion

    **Cue: Safety Dance**

  2. I still have mine (from your 21st1) – bloody good effort keeping it that long. It also might have something to do with the fact that Tim is telling me to start throwing some things out I have stored in the attic here! (sorry Tim! I guess everything in that attic could be a cool little vase some day!)

    • Ummmm, not just a good effort Bin, a bloody amazing effort. Yes, tell Tim that you can’t discard anything for fear you later discover you could have re-purposed it into something very useful. Or just tell him to pull his head in and that you’re keeping all your crap.

      *********edited to correct a grammatical mistake that would have haunted me forever.******

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