Last-minute Halloween costume

My friend Luisa, the mum of one of Soph’s kinder friend’s, asked me whether I was channeling Clockwork Orange when I came up with this Halloween outfit for Sophia. I don’t know about Clockwork Orange.  I’d say this was more the product of being 1 day post-holiday with very few resources up my sleeve and 12 hours notice that a Halloween costume was required.

The minute I say “dress up”, Sophia says “princess” or “fairy”. I tried to convince her a vampire (my current obsession – Sukeh is maaaaaaahn anyone?) or ghost might be spookier but she insisted on princess.  “A spooky princess, mum”.  Right.  A spooky princess. Ummmmmmm, okay then.

Luckily Soph herself provided the inspiration I needed.  She got straight to work creating a Halloween hat that, once finished, put me in mind of Miss Havisham – kind of sumptuous but tattered and crazy –  and wouldn’t have looked out of place at some freaky, midnight horse-racing carnival. We teamed the hat (which she refused to wear on a jaunty angle despite my pleas) with her princess/fairy dress.

I am not an artist.  I cannot draw.  I can conceive ideas but rarely execute them as I see them in mind’s eye.  And so it was with Soph’s spooky princess face.  But it was passable in the end I think.  And her idea to wrap a bandage around her leg and have me draw some drops of blood dribbling out from it (to match the ones around her mouth) was quite inspired I thought.

Unfortunately you can’t see the leg wound or fake facial scar in this shot but you still get the idea. What do you think?  Spook-oir?


One thought on “Last-minute Halloween costume

  1. A 5yr old Miss Havisham…I think that’s next years challenge for halloween, especially if you have any spare doilies left over from all that bunting.

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