Stopping to draw breath

It’s been a big year. There’s been a new baby, a new job, a new start at kinder and, as if that weren’t enough, I decided I needed to start a new business.

A normal person would, in the face of these demands, find some balance by relaxing the housekeeping standards, putting the non-business related crafting and sewing to one side for a bit, cutting back on the social activities.  I, however, did none of the above and instead attempted to do it all.

Not to mention attempting to also spend loads of quality time with each child individually, my husband and the family as a whole whilst being fully present in every moment. Phew.  Exhausted?  Me too.

I’m working on finding more balance in my life and the holiday we have just come home from has been like a shining beacon of rest in my future for some 9 months. It was even better than I could have possibly anticipated.

Not only did I survive the flight (always a good start) but we had 10 blissful days of  doing next to nothing. Well, not nothing exactly.  Life with two small children is never restful in the sit and read a book for 4 hours sense of the word but just removing all the extraneous stuff made it feel as though we were standing still and drawing in much-needed, calming, restorative breaths.

I crave the humidity, the heat and the lush, luxuriant rainforest for the 11.5 months of the year we’re not there and this year I got an ample fix.

Each morning I took an early walk along the beach and happily examined the treasures the sea had deposited on the sand the night before.

One morning I found Neptune’s trident had washed ashore, complete with a seaweed fringe.

neptunes trident up close

The next, the morning sun lit up a lone coconut and its glistening reflection in a small pool of water.


The colour of this dried palm frond was spectacularly deep and rich.

dried palm frond

When I wasn’t scanning the sand for natural treasures I was looking ahead, along the long stretch of tan sand, fringed by coconut palms, to the verdant mountains in the distance.  The view alone was therapeutic.

4 mile beach


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