1950s-style fabric visors now available!

Noo visor side on

Tennis and iced lemonade anyone?  I have the perfect accessory!

I am THRILLED to have finally managed to put one of these cute sun visors up in the shop.

I am completely and utterly in love with these (if I do say so myself) and they look equally lovely on adults as they do on kids.

I decided to try to get some shots of Soph wearing hers in the pool while we were away because it was such a gorgeous setting.  I was clicking away with my pathetic little point-and-shoot camera when my friend Romy offered to take some shots with her professional camera and I jumped at her offer. The one above is one of hers as are the other ones on the shop listing.

Sophia had us in stitches with her completely unsolicited model poses.

Noo model pose

What started as me taking a few shots of Soph in her visor quickly turned into a photo shoot of sorts with Romy clicking away on her impressive camera, Soph posing like she was born to it and other interested guests gathering around behind us to watch the proceedings.  I actually heard one lady ask her friend if she knew what the brand we were shooting was!

I was much too shy to give her one of the rectangles of manila folder that I print my logo on using my home printer and cut up with a guillotine my business cards but the comment made me giggle.

I’m working on a pale pink, striped seersucker visor and one in the cutest little apple print.  I have to struggle against my urge to make one in every fabric that I love.  Because that would be 827 different visors.  27 too many.


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