New clips to clothe the Emperor!

I’m thrilled be able to tell you that the lovely girls at Emperor’s Laundry, Jade and Vanessa, are currently stocking two styles of clips I designed exclusively for them. These styles are not available anywhere else.

It took ages to create the perfect template for these little butterflies but it was worth it and I was really pleased with the result in the end.


And these colours are just so 2009, doncha think?


Vanessa and Jade design the most exquisite range of children’s clothing for newborns through to 7 year olds.  I ♥ everything in their collection.  They have some things on sale at the moment that you should definitely have a look at. Get in quick or I will have cleaned them out; I’ve already ordered 3 dresses, 2 tops and 5 pairs of the pyjamas!  Christmas is sorted.


2 thoughts on “New clips to clothe the Emperor!

  1. They’re awesome. Do you freehand machine the butterflies on? Pray tell, I no doubt would sew through my finger…

    As a side note, one of my “possibly related posts (automatically generated)” is: ’My Mom’s New Boyfriend’ WTF? 🙂


  2. When you say freehand do you mean like a free motion quilting technique? If so, nope. I just move the presser foot up and down and move the whole clip every couple of stitches. Lots of work but strangely satisfying. xx

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