A hat stand, by Georges!

Last weekend I found the perfect hat stand to display my sun visors.  Not only is it light and bright with a 1950s aesthetic, it is also a little piece of Melbourne history from the once famous but now defunct department store, Georges.

I spent last week looking at (and failing to be the winning bidder on) the wooden hat blocks floating around ebay. In the end it’s lucky I didn’t win any of the auctions as the blocks were quite expensive and although gorgeous, really too dark and heavy for my purpose anyway.

So I went to see my lovely friend Russell at ‘Trash on Bay’ (Bay Street, Port Melbourne).  Window dresser-extraordinaire and an insatiable collector of vintage, Russell always has beautiful and interesting things in his shop and I just had a feeling he would have exactly what I needed.  And he did.

No my friends, this is not an oversized whisk.  This is a piece of Melbourne memorabilia.

In 1995 after 115 years as Melbourne’s most prestigious department store, Georges at the Paris end of Collins Street closed down.  Evidently, all the fittings were auctioned off or sold. Georges was legendary for its elegant displays and this is one of the hat stands used in the store! Isn’t it divine?  I can’t believe I found it, nor how perfect it is for displaying my visors.

Anyone for tennis and a glass  of iced lemonade?


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