I LOVE this song.

If you’re offended by strong language or there are little ears around then you might decide not to listen.  Or do what I do and sing it at the top of your voice, only substituting with the words “I really mucked it up this time”.

Although we’re coming to the stage where lyrical subterfuges are being questioned.  The Kings of Leon song “Your Sex is on Fire” is known as “Your Saxophone Fire” in our house which has saved us not only significant public embarrassment but also allowed us to avoid being reported to DOCS for letting the kids listen to music with inappropriate lyrics.  But I didn’t know what to say to my 4 year old the other day when she asked why on earth the song had that title when there weren’t even any saxophones playing  in it.   I just mumbled something about artistic licence and halted further questions by distracting her with an ice cream.  Champagne parenting.


4 thoughts on “I LOVE this song.

  1. I love that song too but haven’t been able to catch who sang it because of all the noise coming from the back seat of the car. Thank you ! I haven’t encountered any lyrics problems with this one yet…still recovering from PINK.

  2. Great song. The video is pretty fun too. I totally hear you about Kings of Leon, I love that song but the lyrics suprised me initially although I got used to it eventually. Thanks for sharing. I found your blog while searching for something.

    Since its relevant here and you might find it fun/useful. I also wanted to give a plug for a site Ive been working on that helps people share songs with their friends.

    http://www.myradeo.com Its free, easy and there’s no account signup. Login with Facebook. Check it out if you get a chance. Hope you like it. Thanks!

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