Fabric covered beads

I love making these fabric covered beads.  They are a little labour intensive but very satisfying to make and look so sweet when they’re done.  On my first attempt I made these:

Then, when I had a bit more confidence I made these for my mum for mother’s day this year.  I thought about her as I covered each and every bead and wondered what on earth I would have done without her to help me this year. I like to think, when she wears it, that she has 16 little spheres full of love against her skin.

And here are some little ones waiting to be strung.


3 thoughts on “Fabric covered beads

  1. I love these! I’d seen a tutorial/pattern/explanation on how to sew a tube and put the beads in and knot between each one but I wasn’t totally in love with that because there were sloppy, gape-y, wrinkly, chicken’s-neck bits between the knots and the beads. This on the other hand, is perfection!

    Do you, ahem, maybe have time to share some techniques soon? I’d love this to be my new obsession and make a set for every outfit!


    • Ahhh Holly, you read my mind! I’ve been meaning to do a tutorial on these for the last little while but life, being the rich and varied tapestry it is, has got in the way recently. I’ll do my darndest to get one up in the next few weeks though. So glad you like them. Chicken-necky beads: love it.

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