Handmade Christmas decorations…almost

I wanted to show you the Christmas decorations I’ve made this year.

A sweet  yarn Christmas tree.

My little felt decorations.

And last but not least here’s my woolly wreath.  Isn’t it spectacular?

I just can’t find time to fit everything in. I simply try to do too much. But I can’t heeeeelp it (she says plaintively).  I get so excited about each new project. Me and my inability to find balance are old friends. Not good friends, but old friend nonetheless.

Anyway, achieving everything on your to-do list is sooooooo 2008.

We did manage to do the Gingerbread house, though.  More on that in the next post.

PS: Sorry about the smooshed bug’s guts ?, candle wax ?, booger? little mark behind the tree in the first one.  Our house is old and full of unidentifiable stains character.


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