Handmade Christmas decorations – that are actually finished!

I have surprised myself by managing to actually finish a couple of the decorations I showed you in their unfinished states a little while back.

I am OBSESSED with polka dots at the moment, to wit:

The flowers are messy circles of graduating sizes which you simply sew together roughly starting from the centre and scrunching the material as you go for some texture.  I love ’em because they’re so quick. The centre is a silver paper fastener! I use these flowers from everything to embellishing the girls’ t-shirts to decorating the boxes I send out as twirling betty media kits. I’d decorate my husband with them if he’d sit still for long enough.

And these little cuties look fantastic on the tree.  If I went insane got really excited I might do our whole tree in variations of  these next year.

Finally, stringing this bead and bauble garland (which has a knot between each sphere) was very meditative, if time consuming.  Unfortunately the smallest member of the family let her Christmas glee get the better of her and it’s not really in any state to hang now.

My yarn trees are still half-yarn, half-polystyrene.  Not all that festive.  But it just wouldn’t be Christmas if everything actually got done.

Check back tomorrow for a peek at our gingerbread house which is currently rockin’ my world.

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