Gingerbread House

Okay, so I might have  a small problem with needing to control things.  Just an eensie weensie one. Which is why, the whole time my mum, Sophia and I were making and decorating this gingerbread house I kept saying in my head “process not outcome, process not outcome” to remind myself to let Sophia decorate it any way she liked.

I’ve discussed many times with Soph’s kinder teacher that kids are able to be more accepting of their own mistakes and more willing to take acceptable risks if you focus on the journey rather than the destination.

Well let me tell you my friends, this was one highly controlled journey. I failed miserably at letting go and, instead, orchestrated the decoration of this sucker like a dictator. The down side is that each time I look at the house I berate myself for not letting Sophia just do it however she wanted. Sigh.

The upside is, we have a bloody perfect gingerbread house.

Can I have a golf clap for the roof tiles and icicles please?  The tiles are made from sour licorice straps. And yep, they’re wrong way up just so you can see the pretty scalloping!

See the little musk stick with the jelly bean on top next to Father Christmas?  That’s a mushroom Sophia made.  She was so proud of it and devastated when it fell over after we had wrapped the house in cellophane to preserve it.  She hated that it wasn’t standing up as it should.  I just do not know where she gets that perfectionism from.

All’s well that ends well, though.  I ended up convincing her it was a good thing the mushie had toppled over because things that are too perfect are boring.  You can’t tell stories about perfect things.  This way, we can tell a story that Father Christmas came out with his axe and chopped down the mushroom to eat for Christmas dinner!  She was happy with that.  And she tells that story to everyone we show the house to.

Now, if I could just take some of the medicine I give my kids.

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