Is this the perfect craft?

Image from Design*Sponge.

I try really hard to resist my attraction to miniature things.  When I start to waver and covet something tiny I tell myself firmly that unless I have finally become that crazy old lady with 14 cats (not beyond the boundsof reckoning, by the way)  miniature replicas of everyday things belong in dolls’ houses and nowhere else.

This chair, though,  is testing me.

Not only is it quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen (a resting spot for slightly sozzled fairies?) as well as simple to make and an exercise in re-purposing (which is so right now) but I also need to open a bottle of champagne to make it. Could this be the elusive perfect craft I’ve been seeking? It has to come close.


2 thoughts on “Is this the perfect craft?

  1. I am your future self, and I’ve popped back in time to tell you that it’s futile to try and resist miniature things. So you should just give in now. But hey, at least your decline into madness (and mass cat ownership) is a great ride, so hang on and enjoy!

    (All jokes aside, I ADORE miniature things. I made my first granny square the other day and, since I’m clearly a master at crochet after one granny square, I decided I needed to see Just How Small Can I Crochet One Of These Anyway? So I busted out the perle 8 thread and a tiny hook and it was SO FUN. It’s true. Everything is more cute when it’s tiny.)


    • Oh thank goodness. It’s a relief to be able to just give in entirely and enjoy the descent! Thanks for letting me know. Tiny granny squares do sound irresistible. Did you, by any chance, see the tiny crocheted ring over at Kootoyoo? Not that it sounds like you need any motivation but if you did then this might be just the trick:

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