Miniature cake bunting for a 1st birthday

So, the smallest member of our family is one today and I am in complete denial.  Not only because I swear it was only a month or so ago that I gave birth to her, but more so because she’s probably my last baby. The thought of not having another tiny one to snuggle makes me feel a little bit ill.  So I console myself by never saying never but I think it’s highly likely that Olive will always be the youngest in our family.

That’s her with her Dad when she was brand new. I simply cannot believe it was 12 months ago that I held this sweetest of tiny possums (well, not so tiny really at nearly 4.5 kilos!) in my arms for the first time.

So today I’m feeling a mixture of happiness that Olive has reached this wonderful milestone but also some melancholy at how fast time is passing.  I keep threatening to sleep the girls between book-ends to stop them growing.  A part of me wishes I really could.  The other part knows how totally selfish that is and also that, in any case, book-ends alone possibly aren’t enough to stunt both physical and emotional development.

We celebrated Olive’s birthday over the weekend and she had a ball. To decorate her cake I made this mini, personalised bunting. I know it was only a couple of posts ago that I was vowing to keep away from all miniature things but I simply cannot resist. This was an idea that had been floating around in my head since I made Sophia’s cake with the edible bunting.

Happy first Birthday Ollie. We love you.

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