Biscuits for your sweet?

Have you ever seen anything more gorgeous in the biscuit department?  Look at those colours.

These are the macaroons at Cafe Vue in Melbourne. People around me were buying one or two but I, of course, had to buy one in every flavour.

The orange one is Szechuan pepper! It tastes like vanilla and then a few seconds later you get that distinctive spicy, tingly warmth at the back of your throat that Szechuan-spiced food always delivers.

Don’t you think a little box (or, indeed, a big box) of these would make a gorgeous Valentine’s gift?

4 thoughts on “Biscuits for your sweet?

  1. It’s Millie’s favourite cafe to visit before kinder with Mummar and the pink macaroon she tells me is particularly good. Great photo. I must visit one day to see/try for myself!

  2. oh yum! love macaroons! I would get them before I headed back to london on the eurostar each weekend…..a very long time ago! strawberry and pistachio were my favourites!!!

    you are right, perfect valentines gift!


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