Two little dolls

18 months or so ago I bought this extremely cute pattern for Miss Buttons from Sew Your Own.  This was back in the dark days before I owned a sewing machine and so the first one I made, for Sophia, I stitched entirely by hand. By contrast, the one I made recently for Olive practically whipped itself up on the machine!

That’s Sophia’s Sophie on the left and Olive’s Olivia on the right.  Sophia named them.  Evidently she’s going through a self-referential stage.  And yes, it has occurred to me that wide-eyed Sophie looks just the slightest bit wired next to Olivia who appears to be sleeping off the effects!

The little bit of lace on Olivia’s dress came from Betty’s stash. The bits and pieces in there are so precious to me that I can only very rarely bring myself to use them.  This seemed a good spot for a bit of Betty though.

I almost cried when both girls took their dolls to bed with them last night.

In other news, I was utterly delighted and honoured to be the designer in the spotlight over at made it this week.  If you’re interested you can pop over and read the interview here.

10 thoughts on “Two little dolls

  1. Hello,
    I found your blog via your interview on the Made It website. Just wanted to say congratulations. By the sounds of all of your hardwork you really deserve it. I hope lots of opportunities come your way as a result of the article.
    Have a lovely weekend. Melinda xo

    • Thanks so much. I agree with you about the generic plastic stuff that’s everywhere these days. It’s frightening how much plastic we actually accumulate.

    • Thanks Sarah – what a lovely thing to receive! I shall continue to spread the attitude and gratitude to the best of my ability. Blog post spreading the lemonade stand love coming soon…

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