twirling with betty Flickr group

I’ve just set up a Flickr group called twirling with betty.  It’s a place where you and I can post photos of things we’ve made or just simply of something that you think everybetty would like!

I’ve started the ball rolling with a photo of Sophia dressed up as the betty of my logo who twirls on horseback.

Here is the address if you’d like to have a little look or upload any photos of your own.

I would be utterly delighted (and possibly even make a small squee of excitement) if  any of you have had a go at printing on fabric, the mini fabric bunting or some bunting cards and would like to share your creations.  I know some people are a little shy about sharing though, so you are always welcome to email me any photos directly.  I promise I will be equally excited! Send them to christen@twirlingbettydotcomdotau.

And after all that talk of photos, I just wouldn’t feel right about leaving you with a nude post.  So here is a shot I thought you might like of a raspberry jelly I made recently.

I am a little obsessed with large, moulded jellies. I just think they look so beautiful in all their shimmery, wobbly, old-fashioned glory.


One thought on “twirling with betty Flickr group

  1. Hi. I’m in the process of making some mini fabric bunting for my daughters 1st Birthday invitations (and i think I’ll make some for the cake aswell!) i’m not having too much luck at the moment it’s a bit harder than it looks!! They look really cute but not as neat as yours!! But I’ll get there and when I do I’d love to post some pictures! Thanks for the inspiration… i’d better get back to the sewing machine! xoxo

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