Cherry brooch

I made this cherry brooch recently and thought it would be the perfect thing for my darlin’ Clementine’s birthday.

Clem is my niece and she and our gorgeous nephew Cooper both turned two on the weekend.

When they were born, their due dates were 3 weeks apart yet they arrived on the same day, in the same hospital in rooms just a few feet apart.  In fact,  one sister-in-law’s epidural was held up because the anaesthetist was in with the other!  We love our precious little “twins” very much.

Their mums are both pregnant again and yep, you guessed it, due within a few weeks of each other.  So we shall wait excitedly over the next couple of months and see.

What do you think of the brooch?  I’m considering putting some in the shops.


8 thoughts on “Cherry brooch

    • Thank you – appreciate your comment and glad you like it. I like it (unsurprisingly!) but I’m sometimes not sure what will appeal to others as much as to me.

  1. molto carino! Makes me wish I had bought the cherry wedges in Sambag…or would that be too many cherries? Ahhh! another of lifes great questions. Keep it up! Gr8 work!

    • Grazie cara. By the sound of it I had a lucky escape by failing to see the cherry wedges in Sambag! Dangerous stuff. And yes, that’s a question all the great thinkers of our time have wrestled with but failed to answer.

    • Oh thanks so much. Beads are from Spotty! Hairclips are a great idea, although the beads are quite heavy. Not so heavy they would make your head droop though! Unless you had a really weak neck.

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