A tiny fabric heart.

I love being shown tiny treasures.

Anna over at Much Love is collecting photos for her Much Love Monday Project: RED.   This seemed the perfect day to post my shot, it being Valentine’s and all.  Hope you’re having a day filled with red hearts too – big or small.


5 thoughts on “A tiny fabric heart.

    • My total pleasure. This is such a gorgeous (series of) project(s) And something about the process of finding and photographing a heart really does focus you on love. Lovely.

  1. The underneath caption should be “E.T. making sure he made the call on valentines day!”
    Great photo and the skill involved in cutting such a perfect little heart, impressive – or was it a cut out thingy? Cute anyway it was made.

    • Are you implying my eldest child is an alien? Who told you? I’d had my suspicions…
      I did cut it out with my own little fingers as part of another idea I’m mucking around with at the moment. S was excited to show it to me when she found it on the floor. She’s very good at picking up my crafty bits and bobs from all around the house and bringing them to me. She’s my helper.

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