Button biscuits

On the weekend we made these cuter than cute button biscuits.

I found them a while ago on this gorgeous blog, Forty-sixth at Grace.  Nikole also very generously provides a copy of the recipe you can download. The recipe is a work of art and would make a gorgeous gift if you gave someone a copy of it along with some button biccies you had made yourself.

I didn’t have time to colour the dough as Nikole does and I made mine a little bigger than hers but they still turned out so sweetly.

I used my grandmother Betty’s round cutters and thought about all the scones she would have cut with them throughout her life. I mean, any farmer’s wife worth her salt had to able to churn out trays of scones practically blindfolded.  Especially during shearing season when she was expected to produce morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for the shearers for their entire two or three weeks stint on Betty’s property.  Shearers can put away a lot of scones and I imagine her oven would have run particularly hot at those times.

The cutters themselves are quite pristine but, as you can see,  the tin has a beautiful patina of age and a marvellous yellow sticker with a polar bear on it.  I’d do anything to find a set of stickers like that.


8 thoughts on “Button biscuits

  1. So cute. I have my dough in the fridge right now waiting for me to cut them out! Fingers crossed they turn out as cute as yours and Nikole’s!

    • Wouldn’t they! Would be the perfect kitchen tea gift if you gave a (laminated?) version of the recipe and some you had made.

    • Yep, she would have been turning them out by the dozen while keeping all the lads in line. She was quite formidable when she got going!

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