Sugar buttons

It’s button-o-rama around here and that’s just the way I like it.

My darling sister-in-law shares my love of all things handmade and crafty.  She’s an extremely talented broidser (how many times must I tell you that, yes, that is a word) and just generally totally ace.

I mean, look what she gave me for my birthday:

Not one but two packets of the sugar buttons I have been coveting for a very long time.

Along with those there were also coloured chocolate melts in the most divinely vibrant colours, button and apple chocolate molds and the sweetest polkadot cupcake wrappers.

The funny thing is, she hadn’t even seen my last post on button biscuits.  She just knows me very well!

Thanks Cass.  You rock.


8 thoughts on “Sugar buttons

  1. They are fantastic! Where do you get them (apart from your house)? How cute would they look on cupcakes! A Belated happy birthday to you! xx

  2. Aw, shucks 🙂

    Not sure how I missed the button biscuits, but they are lover-ly! And I’m just really intuitive… 😉

    Too many emoticons. Must nap.


    • I wish I had the patience to make my own sugar buttons Cathie. I can hardly bear the time it takes to pop the chocolates out of the mold! Thanks for popping in.

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