My sister’s amazing embroidery

A couple of posts ago I  told you about my crafty sister, Cassie.  All her handmade things are awesome but her embroidery, as you can see from this beautiful Koi fish, is especially amazing.

She  made that square to contribute to Kootoyoo’s Red Quilt Project last year.

Here’s what she made for Olive’s 1st birthday.

On the front is an embroidered list of all our nicknames for Olive.  As you can see she has about 300 of them and, yes, they do include “Op Shop”, “Obstetrician” and “Opportunity Knocks”. What? Don’t all kids have nicknames like that?

And this is on the back.  Can you bear it? I nearly can’t.

Another lovely thing to do with embroidery is use it to preserve your kids’ special drawings.  Sophia did this drawing of an orangutan in the rain and Cassie immortalised it for me in thread and we framed and hung it in a wooden embroidery frame.

Of course, you can also use these lovely hoops just to frame fabric which looks very sweet. This is an idea that has been floating around the crafty blogosphere for years and I’m not entirely sure where it started but I send big love to whoever did come up with it. It’s a simple, cheap and beautiful way to decorate a wall.

I made this set for Sophia  about 12 months ago and they hang above her bed. I particularly like the fact that they’re light as a feather so I don’t have to worry about them doing any harm if they fall off. (Don’t you love the way they follow that crack in the wall? Note to self – paint over crack. In the wall.)

I enjoy the quiet, repetitive nature of embroidery enormously.  It’s one of those things, like hand sewing, knitting or kneading bread that can be comfortingly meditative. If you’ve never done it before but would like to have a try, I highly recommend Sublime Stitching as a starting reference. It is clear and comprehensive and also includes loads of cute templates, including very useful alphabets.

I hope maybe this has inspired you to go and get your broids on.

I’ll leave you with one final piece of inspiration from Cassie. She copied this from the first ever picture Sophia drew of me.  I think you’ll agree it’s an uncanny likeness.  Except for that eye which makes it look a little like I’ve walked into a door.

Ah broids.  Is there anything you can’t depict?


15 thoughts on “My sister’s amazing embroidery

  1. I so love the fabrics in frames following the crack line! How lucky you are to have a sister who shares your creativeness. Love the stitched drawings, and the likeness, what can I say?

    Have a fun day broiding.

    • Well thank you Michelle. She is a clever clogs isn’t she? You’ll have to take my word for the fact it is a spot on rendering of me. Well, let’s just say at the very least it is a pretty good likeness from 500 metres in a dark room with my back to you.

  2. That koi fish is amazing! And the onesie–so cute! I could spend the rest of my life just embroidering things. I think it’s the kids’ drawings that I treasure the most.

    • I know – she’s amazing isn’t she. That fish was actually done from a tracing she took of one of her husband’s tattoos which is beautifully coloured and one of the most amazing tattoos I’ve ever seen. But her broids are even more beautiful!
      And yes, I agree, the kids’ drawings are just absolute treasures.

  3. Your sister is ca-raaaazyyy. And Olive is already such a perfect little model ♥

    I’m a big embroidery fan too. It seems the more tedious and meticulous and concentration-intensive a hobby is, the more I enjoy it. I get the same meditative calm from embroidery as runners do from running. If only it shared the same calorie burning properties….

    Holly xx

  4. Your sister embroidering your child’s drawings—I’ve never seen anything like that; I’m completely enchanted. I love your sweet, genuine, and delightfully entertaining blog, and am truly looking forward to reading more.
    The olives are what won me over … both kinds. 🙂

    • Hi Dale – what a lovely comment. Thanks so very much. You certainly give a girl motivation to keep posting. And yes, those O/olives are pretty alluring! xx

    • Hi Kendra – I know – isn’t Cassie so clever? I’m not sure if it was reinforced. I’ll ask her how she did it.

  5. I love the dancing orangutan!! Just gorgeous 🙂

    Also just to let you know my friend Liz loved loved loved her hens brooch! So thank you sooo much, she was really happy (and her fiance liked it too!) xx s

    • if he’s not the happiest orangutan in the rainforest, I’ll eat my hat.
      I’m so delighted to hear Liz (and her betrothed) loved her brooch. I hope you had a gorgeous high tea and general girly celebration.

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