So that’s where my pink polkadot visor ended up

When I post off orders to people I often wonder about them; where they end up, who is wearing them, whether they like them. Of course, some people leave lovely feedback at my Made It or Etsy shops and that always totally makes my day.

However, when someone takes the time to actually send photos of their gorgeous kid wearing twirling betty stuff, well that pretty much makes my whole week.

Vanessa from Blueberry Kids sent me these photos of her gorgeous Liv wearing one of the visors she bought a while back.

Look at her twirling and whirling.  Isn’t she divine?

Vanessa makes lovely kids’ clothes and a little while ago she designed some very cute 1950s-style shorts which she thought were a good fit with my visors. A good fit?  That’s like saying Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy got along okay. They are just perfect. Here’s  Sophia in the custom pair I ordered from Vanessa.

I do loves me some 1950’s style.


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