The boys rock twirling betty at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

Photo: Lucas Dawson

twirling betty’s tagline is “sweet accessories for strong girls”. Now I’m wondering whether I might need to rethink it!

The last thing I expected to see on the runway were boys rocking twirling betty accessories at the Mini Me kids’ parade but rock them they did, and, as the photos attest, oh how they rocked them.

Because here’s the thing. After I sent off a selection of twirling betty accessories to the extraordinarily lovely Christine who styled the show, that was pretty much the end of my involvement until the day of the parade itself.

I had no idea how my accessories would be used, by which labels or, indeed, if at all.  It’s not unknown in the hustle and bustle backstage (so I’m told) for things to get forgotten, overlooked or even canned at the last minute.

So as the first little models scampered down the runway I sat excited but nervous at the edge of the runway. I was dying to see how and where twirling betty accessories would be used. But mostly, I was just praying they would be used full stop.

So I watched and waited.  And watched and waited. My heart slowly made its way from my chest up into my mouth as label after label showed their designs and child after child appeared on the catwalk with nary a sniff of twirling betty to be seen.

Here’s just one example of the 50 kinds of cute that were coming down that runway. These are Moppit girls.

Photo: Lucas Dawson

But finally my agonising wait came to an end.  Finally, the hippest Woof!  Minihaha boys came walking down the catwalk wearing twirling betty accessories. I can’t tell you how much I loved the fact the stylist did that. I found it so refreshing and inspiring to see my things used that way.

Photo: Lucas Dawson

Now I hardly think there’s an untapped boys’ market out there (they would have to be brave little boys to wear twirling betty brooches off the runway I suspect) but it has made me look at my line afresh and start to reconsider some ideas I had shelved.

All in all, the Festival was an amazing experience and I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to take part.

I joked with a couple of friends beforehand that now I was part of the fashion world I was going to lose 20 kilos, take up smoking cigarillos, buy a tiny dog and insist everyone called me CC. In reality, I found everyone I dealt with to be very down-to-earth, approachable and distinctly un-tiny doggish. So I won’t be getting that dog.  But you can call me CC.  Simply everybody does daaaaaaaaaahling. Mwah.

Photo: Lucas Dawson

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