Fabric-covered bead kits

A while back I did this tutorial on fabric-covered beads.

You know how sometimes you want to try a craft but gathering the supplies and getting them ready (like cutting material to size) just seems too much like hard work?

Well, Froo*gal, whose fabric bead necklaces provided my original inspiration, has just solved all your problems.  Fabric-covered bead-wise at least.

She’s selling bead covering kits in her Etsy shop, Whimrose Projects.  Her kits contain everything you’ll need to make your own covered beads and she uses the most divine Liberty prints for her fabric strips.

So now you’ve no excuse whatsoever.


4 thoughts on “Fabric-covered bead kits

  1. Thank you SO much for posting about my new bead kits! Your generosity is greatly appreciated. I have had great success with these kits in my Etsy shop and I have lots of new “kit” ideas so please come and visit.

  2. What material is that in the picture and where did you get it from? I really want to cover my locker at school in a material with that pattern 🙂 🎀💗

  3. Hi Lily
    That fabric is one that was given to me by a friend from her own mother’s stash – so it’s a vintage floral. I’m afraid I can’t be of any more help than that. But if you check out your local fabric store I’m sure you will be able to find something kind of similar as there are lots of small floral prints around at the moment. Good luck!

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