Wooden bead and ceramic heart bracelet

My wonderful sister-in-law Cassie, whose amazing work I showed you in this post, had a birthday last Friday.  Everyone in the family chipped in and we bought her a camera she’d had her eye on.  However, it just didn’t seem right to let her birthday pass without a small handmade gift as well.

So I painted a little heart red and then glued a tiny smaller heart of floral fabric to one side and stamped her initial on the other.  After using Mod Podge to seal it, I also gave it a coat of non-toxic varnish spray to give it extra longevity. I strung an easy stretchy bracelet and used two jump rings to attach the heart.

I have so many of these natural, wooden beads and I usually cover them with fabric or use spray paint to get them to the colour I want. However, recently I’ve been loving them nude.  By which I of course mean I am loving the beads unadorned.  It’s the beads that are nude and that I’m loving. Not me.  In the nude.  Right. Let’s move right along shall we?

You might remember I recently gave you a little sneak peek of this fabric-covered ceramic heart. I’ve been experimenting with a few different things with these hearts. I just love them. Even plain.

Are you sensing a theme here?  Muted, natural Easter eggs; nude wooden beads; unadorned ceramic hearts? At this “back to all things natural” rate, next week’s post will be on the mud brick house I’m building by hand.  In the nude.


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