Another iron-on transfer idea

Olive in olive onesie

Right, so we all know about my obsession with olives. Well, here’s another olive-y thing.  And no, I don’t think there is anything wrong with pictorially representing your child’s name on half of said child’s wardrobe.

Cousin Clementine has received her fair share of round orange things.  If only everyone would name their kids after fruit (thanks for playing, Gwyneth) personalised present-giving would be a snap.


Iron-on transfers are really such and easy and satisfying way to embellish plain clothes or cover up stains to give older clothes a new lease of life.

By the way, what you can’t see is that there is another little olive transfer on the back of her suit, just above her bottom. It looks so cute just sticking out above the top of her pants.

Laser printer transfer paper is readily available from craft shops or online.  I believe you can even get it at Officeworks. My only tip is to get the highest quality you can afford as the cheaper ones seem to crack and peel sooner.

I’m thinking about making some linen napkins with olive branches on them. Or a table runner with apples down the centre. Endless possibilities.

Have you tried this method before? I’d love to know what you’ve made.


2 thoughts on “Another iron-on transfer idea

  1. This is too cute. What a great, subtle olive design as well.

    My daughter’s middle name is Rose and while not edible I do love to dress her in anything rose related.

    thanks for sharing

    p.s. I was looking for an email address for you so I could respond to your comment on my blog but I can’t find one.

  2. Thanks – glad you like it. Yes, I think the key with transfers is to find a subtle gaphic. Not that you would know that from the apple t-shirt! But the olive still looks good even after many, many washes and vague cracking on the image.

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