Primavera Picnic

Italian afternoon in the countryside

I recently curated this treasury in Etsy. It’s called Primavera Picnic and is a collection of things you might need for a Spring afternoon in the Italian countryside.

For those that aren’t familiar, Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods. I sell twirling betty accessories both on Etsy (which is in USD) and also on the equivalent Australian site, Made It.

An Etsy treasury is essentially a member-curated collection of Etsy products – usually chosen in line with a theme. Treasuries have a very limited life of 48 hours and then they dissolve into the ether! Actually getting a slot to curate a treasury is quite the feat. I’ve been trying for weeks and finally managed to snag one today.

So if you’re inclined, I’d be delighted if you popped over to Etsy to have a better look at Primavera Picnic before, just like a fleeting Spring afternoon, it too fades to black.


7 thoughts on “Primavera Picnic

  1. Treasuries are so much fun to curate. They are like pieces of art by themselves and this one is especially beautiful. Your title is perfect. I love the word ‘primavera’—the way it sounds and everything it stands for.

    • Thanks Dale. It was so much fun to curate. I so wish I could actually pack these things up and head off to some Lazio field. Avoiding the viscious Maremma dogs guarding the sheep if possible! xx

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