A fabric growth chart for kids who insist on growing

So despite my desperate pleas to my girls to stay little, they have insisted on growing. I’ve tried sleeping them between bookends to slow the growth, I’ve tried strapping weights to their heads, I’ve tried sneaking quinine into their water bottles but to no avail. It’s just rude, frankly.

Anyway, in the spirit of  ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’  I made this growth chart just before Olive was born. (Yep, I was pretty settled on the name and we were fortunate she obliged us by actually being the female that had been predicted).

It is simply a stamped and embroidered, hemmed rectangle of muslin with some dowel  at either end.

I mark the girls growth with silver split pins which I just poke through the material. Hanging from each pin is a white tag recording whether that pin relates to Sophia or Olive, the date and the measurement.

I wonder whether any of you, my lovely readers, would be interested in a tutorial to make these as I’m considering doing a proper step-by-step with photos?

In the meantime, I’ll let you know how keeping them for long periods in a room with a 3 foot roof goes.

24 thoughts on “A fabric growth chart for kids who insist on growing

  1. Ok leaving the DOCS report aside. I love that growth chart and I do think its the best I’ve ever seen. Particularly the tags. BUT given the state of my to do list because of your ….blog, (the following to be read in whiney child voice and a little too loud) Can’t you do it and I’ll pay you! Pleeaaassseee. Can you huh? Can you?

  2. This is the most adorable growth chart I have ever seen. I love the idea of the tags, it punches some class on the growth chart. I am sure this will be one item that you will have stored away in your closet, when the girls have grown up and ventured out to discover themselves. You did a fantastic job on this post 🙂

    • Thanks Megs – what a lovely comment. I really appreciate it. The thought of the girls finding it in the cupboard in years to come warms the cockles of my heart. x

    • Thanks so much Megan. Since you asked, I’m going to do a toot (a special long-distance one) just for you and then I’ll do a tute. HAHAHA!

  3. So clever, simple and beautiful—you should definitely offer a tutorial. Your post made me smile really big; thank you, for that. I remember just wishing that mine would stay lightweight and petite at least until they were able to start walking on their own. (I have to admit, though, I loved how muscle-toned my arms were back then.)

    • Thanks Dale. I’m so pleased you got a smile from my post. Yes, my arms get quite a workout but sadly I haven’t noticed anything except ever increasing bat wings.

  4. This is gorgeous! I love everything about it – the fabric, the printed vines, the ruler, the embroidery and the little hanging tags! Well done.

    And yes, I would definitely be interested in a tutorial


  5. oh, this is the sweetest! i would love to see a tutorial! my boy keeps growing too. i ask him if he is, and he says he’s not, but the clothes don’t lie. a growth chart would be proof positive.

    • Thanks Kendra. Kids are so sneaky the way they just keep growing aren’t they? Yes, this would definitely give you the proof you need to confirm your suspicions!

  6. This growth chart almost makes me want to have kids! This is just darling – just the right amount of cute and playful. I can imagine this as a treasured heirloom in your house for years to come. I think you should definitely do a tutorial, although if I need to make one, it will likely be for a friend!

    • Thanks so much Deb for your lovely comment. I hope the girls do enjoy looking back on their growth – despite their mother’s pleas to the contrary!

  7. u have just made me very busy at half term! Perfect xmas gift for my friends who have just had babies! Is it blanket stitch for measure? Love it!

  8. I LOVE how your growth chart turned out!! I am going to be making one for my daughter, and would love to know how you did yours. Did you end up making a tutorial? I browsed your site a bit, but didn’t come across it.

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