New sun visors for Autumn/Fall

I can’t stop looking at this photo.  My girl looks so grown up. It’s a bit like getting a glimpse into her future.  Which for me is an exercise filled with equal measures of excitement and melancholy.

Anyway, this post isn’t about my ongoing failure to stop my children growing up, but rather I just wanted to show you the new Autumn/Fall inspired visors I’ve just finished. They’re available in my Made It shop now and I hope to have them in my Etsy shop soon.

Now, I’m well aware that my readers in the Northern hemisphere are probably skipping through fields of wild flowers gathering sprigs in the Spring sunshine (or something along those lines) but here in the Southern hemisphere we’re battening down the hatches, setting slow-cooked stews to simmer in the oven and lolling about in plaid visors.  Truly.  Every single one of us.


5 thoughts on “New sun visors for Autumn/Fall

  1. Well I’m not sure if we here in Ontario, Canada are going to get to summer quite yet either, so those cute plaid visors might just be needed to be made into toques for us!! We are getting down to 0 C tonight – yup, frost on all those gorgeous tulips and flowers that we’ve been enjoying for the last few weeks. And – gasp – there might even be snow!!! In MAY?!?! Oh well, soon enough we’ll be skipping through those fields of wildflowers without our parkas on!!!

    • And here we are, 3 weeks off winter and yesterday we had 26 degrees (celsius) and were in t-shirts, paddling in the water at the beach. Has anyone got Al Gore’s number? xxxx

  2. Excuse me, how old is Soph again? Like 14, yeah? I knew I took a long nap this afternoon but somehow it seems I managed to skip about 8 years into the future. She’s going to give you some sleepness nights I think 😉

    Sun visors are looking so cute too – love the autumnal colour schemes.

    ~Holly x

    • I know. She seems heartbreakingly grown up. To my relief she’s actually on the floor happily making playdough animals. Long may that continue. Thanks for your feedback on the visors. xx

  3. Well, the Southern Hemisphere sounds like a pretty charming place to be right now. 🙂
    I love these visors, regardless of their color or print; the shape and fit is so classic looking. And, would love to wear one while I do my skipping in the flower fields. Keeping the sun off of my face is a full-time job in sw florida. Did I read somewhere that they fit slightly larger adult heads also?

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