Fabric birds – the perfect newborn gift

I’ve been making so many of these little fabric birds recently to give as newborn gifts.  They’re perfect for little ones because they have no detachable bits so they’re safe for little mouths to explore, and their shape, especially the curve between the body and the tail,  makes them the perfect shape for little hands to grip. Olive loved hers when she was a tiny tot.

You can find the very simple and very clever pattern on Spool.  And look at this divine mobile on the Spool blog.

I continue to be staggered by the generosity of people on the internet and this pattern is a perfect example. As with so many of these free patterns, this one is copyrighted (by Spool, obviously) and only provided for personal use.

I like to reinforce the beaks with some extra top stitches as that bit tends to get most of the dribbly exploration.

The tail feathers are my more recent addition to the pattern.

I like to reinforce the seam holding the tail feathers in by going back and forward over it at least 4 times to make sure the ribbon loops won’t come loose.

They’re also lovely because they perch. I used to put them just above the change table so they were peering interestedly down on all the action that took place there. Olive would reach up excitedly for them and they were a great distraction when she got wriggly and things got messy.

The most recent bird went to my newest niece today.  Evie was born last Monday and we’re thrilled she’s here. And hope she likes birds.

I hope you might be inspired to try one of these birds yourself.  They’re easily handsewn and even more easily sewn on a machine. I must warn you they’re addictive to make.

Do you have any crafty go-to gifts for newborns? I’d love to hear.


16 thoughts on “Fabric birds – the perfect newborn gift

  1. They’re super cute! I actually just made a gift for a newborn little boy last week. I just posted it on my blog. Would love to hear what you think of it. Totally uncuddly like your little birds but cute to hang up!

  2. These are really precious; what a great design! Spool is cool—thanks for sharing them with us.
    I have a new grand-niece that is due this month. My mom, sisters and I are planning a road trip to visit my brother and his new grandbaby (you know…to count all her fingers and toes and such. someone has to do it.) I think I’ll bring the pattern and supplies along for the two-day car ride; it should be finished by the time we arrive. Yay! I like that idea. Thanks, again.
    Your blog post is beautiful.

    • Thanks Dale. They are an amazing design aren’t they. Spool are clever. That’s a great idea to take it with you on the road to see your grand-niece when she arrives (very exciting). It’s the perfect little project for that. xx

  3. OMG the family have suggested they could be made in Football Club colours…which would be not so cute but something to go to the AFL with!

    I, on the other hand love the tail on them and they have reminded me of the fantail doves a friend of my grandmother used to keep in her back yard.

    • Can you imagine thousands of these little birds in the losing team’s colours being hurled onto the ground at the end of a match in disgust? Could be quite a pretty protest.

  4. I am wanting some of these for my baby’s room, but I will need several. Do you make them or only provide a pattern? I’d love for you to make me some. What is the cost?

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