Fabric-covered tape

As I think you might know, I’m a total sucker for fabric-covered anything.  And this fabric-covered tape sang the usual siren song to me. Isn’t it lovely?

You can find the easy tutorial here on the lovely Annekata blog.

Image by Annekata.


6 thoughts on “Fabric-covered tape

  1. This tape is adorable and such an effective way to add a little touch of class to a package. Just a little goes a long way and really shows how much you care 🙂

    • Exactly, Megs. I’m guilty of not spending enough time on the wrapping of pressies but I think for people you really care for, there’s nothing nicer than a really beautifully wrapped present and, as you say, reinforces that little bit more just how much you care.

  2. I love it too! Especially when I have used packing tape to wrap four presents this weekend. I have a thing for scissors, so I could go beserk using those ones with a decorative pattern to cut the decorative tape. I like the brown paper as well, saves buying all that expensive and not so creative wrapping paper from the newsagents.


    • I LOVE wrapping all my pressies in brown paper these days. A bit of string and a stamp or sticker and you’re good to go. This tape would take them to the next level. Can you make me some?

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