Win AUD$100 to shop at Made It and some delicious recipes (you don’t have to win those – they’re entirely free of obligation!)

Do you know about Made It? It’s an  online market-place for makers of Australian handmade goods.  I have a Made It store (as well as my Etsy store) and recently placed an ad, along with a series of other Made It sellers, in a well-known Australian kids’ magazine called My Child.

Now the lovely Bec, founder and self-described “all round duties gal” of Made It is running a competition in which you could win a $100 (AUD) Made It shopping voucher. That’s $100 dollars my friends. Nothing to sneeze at.  Even if you do have a bad cold, sneeze at something else thanks.

This is the twirling betty picture I chose to put in the ad. I ummmed and aaahed over whether black and white (with a touch of navy!) was the way to go for a glossy mag but settled on it in the end on the basis that, to me at least, this shot kind of captures the feel I like for twirling betty.

To gain an entry to the competition, you simply have to buy something from any of the sellers in the My Child advertisement. Each purchase, big or small, gets an entry.

Bec has posted a list of the relevant sellers and links to their shops on the Made It blog here.

So why not have a little browse and see if there’s anything that catches your eye. Not only will anything you buy be supporting the Australian handmade community but you could win that $100 buckaroos.

For my non-Australian readers, most sellers on Made It do ship internationally but if you do decide to buy something, maybe check their policies or shoot them a quick email first just to make sure.

Finally, I feel the overwhelming need to point out this is not a pitch to get you to buy twirling betty stuff.  I feel quite strongly about not doing that on my blog. I mean, I’ll gladly post about new products, twirling betty news and sales and so on but I promise you *my hand is on my heart* (well, one is, the other is holding my coffee but, c’mon, you can’t expect me to put that down at this time of the morning) I’ll never do the hard sell on you here.

Instead, I’ll make it a blatant pitch for the other sellers! You know I love you (and hope you love me right back) and you can find me here anytime you like so if you do decide to buy I’d love you to support one of the other featured sellers.

Even if you don’t want to buy anything, do have a browse on Made It. There are some remarkable artisans and crafty peeps there selling a range of gorgeous handmade things.

Now, it’s almost 10am here, so time to think about dinner. What? Doesn’t everyone turn their thoughts to dinner straight after breakfast? Of course you do.

Do you fancy this for dinner?

It’s slow-cooked lamb shanks with polenta and I swear to you it is a doddle to make.

You could serve it with this sautéed fennel with shaved parmesan.

And for dessert, affogato.

You can find my easy recipes for these over on the Kid Independent blog. This is a lovely blog showcasing the best in all aspects of independent design for kids…and some delicious recipes! The paper artwork they are featuring at the moment is just utterly beautiful.

If you shop on Made It, good luck and if you cook the shanks or any of my recipes, I’d love to know how you go.


2 thoughts on “Win AUD$100 to shop at Made It and some delicious recipes (you don’t have to win those – they’re entirely free of obligation!)

    • To you, yes. xx But only while you’re still around the corner. Once you move to whoop whoop the deal’s off.

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