The cutest onesie EVER.

Right, so this just about kills me. I mean that baby is beyond cute but it’s the onesie I can’t get over. It made me laugh out loud. Such a nice change from the usual trite pictures or sayings. It’s irreverent and it just rocks.

Ashley Ann has some lovely crafty ideas on her blog (check out her DIY section – especially her beautiful doily tablerunner) and some really exquisite photos.

But the best news of all is that she’s given a tutorial for this onesie. It’s been on my to-do list for ages and hopefully this post will give me the little nudge I need to have a go at one.

Image: Ashley Ann Photography.

5 thoughts on “The cutest onesie EVER.

  1. That onesie seriously rocks! I wish I would have thought about making something like this when my little ones were still babies. Thank you for featuring Ashley Ann because I would never have had the chance to see her work otherwise!

    • I know, it totally rocks! Yes, she has some amazing photographs on her blog. Happy I could lead you to her.

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