My friend’s husband passed away from cancer yesterday afternoon. He was young. I feel devastated for her and her two kids. Totally devastated.

The only good thing that ever comes of such a terrible, immeasurably painful thing like this is that reminder of how precious the people you love are.

Petty arguments, resentments and grudges fade into total insignificance in the face of considering a loss so great. And that’s really the only thing I can leave you with today;  a hope that you’ll simply hug the ones you love a little tighter tonight, make that overdue call to a friend, tell your mum you love her and forgive your brother.

Because life is short. Heart-breakingly so for some.

We’ll miss you N.


10 thoughts on “Perspective.

  1. I’m very sorry to hear of your friend’s husband passing away. I hope your friend has lots of good friends like you to whom she can lean on and bring her some comfort in the years to come. Big hug to you too!


  2. Oh how heartbreaking! My thoughts are with your friend as she goes through this difficult time. My thoughts are also with you right now, as you lost someone who was special in your life as well. No words can express the sorrow we feel when we lose someone close in our lives, especially when they are young and were robbed of the many years to experience this great world we live in.

  3. It’s a painful thing, death of those you love. Especially when it happens all too soon. I feel for your widowed friend and children. May they find peace in the love and helpfulness of friends and family now and over time. May they embrace the support of those who offer emotional and physical assistance and forgive those who they expect to be there for them yet will, for whatever reason, not. May their memories of the good times they shared stay with them forever.

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