Tiny Showcase – art for all!

“Down Down Down” by Jen Corace.

I recently bought this beautiful print from Tiny Showcase. Isn’t it dreamy?

Do you know about Tiny Showcase? It’s a fab place where you can buy limited run print art at affordable prices. I mean really affordable.

“See America” Tropic of Malaria

My lovely bloggy friend Thea from Mon Ami (she has a delightful blog you should check out) put me onto it and I’m so glad she did.

I love Tiny Showcase’s philosophy of art being financially accessible to everyone.

“Doily Body: Brain” by Lisa Solomon

So spread the word:  you no longer need to have a fortune  to collect lovely art. Hooray!

That said, I’m still holding out to come across a fortune sooner or later. It’s bound to happen to me at some point. After all, nature loves a vacuum.

PS: Pop over to the beautiful Smaller blog and leave a comment on this post if you would like a chance to win a twirling betty visor.


15 thoughts on “Tiny Showcase – art for all!

  1. I’m in love with that swimming print. Before my daughter was born, I wanted to give her nursery a “vintage swim” theme with old-fashioned swimsuits framed in shadow boxes and old swim caps out on display. The walls would be painted blue, kind of like the color of the sidebars on your blog.
    Maybe I’ll show her this picture and see if she’ll let me redecorate.

    • That’s a really good point that I forgot to make in the post – thanks Sophia. Yep, it’s extra ace because some money goes to charity. Half mine went to the Gulf Oil Spill clean-up fund. Thanks for commenting. x

  2. Brilliant! I have to find something in Canada like that!
    Where do you find the time to find all these gems anyway?!!!

    Love from Wymbolwood Beach!!!!

  3. Thanks for leaving the link to the giveaway … am off to try my luck! I WANT one – and gotta get lucky at some point, right?!
    (I would even consider buying one … but WHY do you have to be in Australia!? Couldn’t you be in Europe? Just so I would not have to pay custom fees on orders!!!)
    Sigh, life is just not fair. On second thought I really would not mind moving to Australia … so I could buy your stuff easily … but I guess immigration won’t let me in just for that reason … 😦

    • Ah Miss Muffin – you are a sweet thing. What do you mean by custom fees? Postage fees? I can investigate the cost of postage to Germany of you like?
      But yes, I think immigration might require a slightly more solid reason for immigrating to Oz! But you can always come for a long holiday? xx

  4. Oh, sorry … guess my English is not as good as I like to … I looked that one up but maybe there are different terms for it … With “custom fees” I did not mean postage but the tax that you have to pay in Germany (I guess in other countrys, too) if you buy something outside Germany or the European Union. That tax usually adds so much to the prize of the product (and postage) that it ends up way too expensive to consider buying from other countries. (Which I find very sad! Otherwise maybe I could order TimTams, too!) *haha*
    Oh, and you have NO idea how much I would love to come for a long holiday. One day I will!!! Definitely! But I will have to wait until the kids are older and we also have a dog who I would not want to leave for such a long time …
    Maybe in a couple years, who knows … everything has it’s time, right!?
    Australia is definitely on my list as I have lived there for half a year and loved it! Half a year was WAY too short so I definitely will be back to check out the rest of your beautiful country/continent!

    • No, your English is amazing! Custom is the right word, except we use it in its plural form. So we say “Customs Fees”. It’s such a pity that the tax is so high! I wish there were some way to avoid but you know what they say…that only two certainties in life are death and taxes!

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