A simple personalised pillow to make with your child

Over the kinder holidays Sophia and I did a few crafts together and among other things, we made this pillow.

It’s one of those great little projects that takes hardly any time but leaves you with a great result.

Sophia is fascinated by my sewing machine and I often let her thread the bobbin or select the stitch I want to use. But her favourite thing to do is press the pedal. She disappears under our dining room table the sewing table at twirling betty HQ and follows my commands to stop and start very diligently.

So, she chose the material, stamped her name on some contrasting fabric and then held the presser foot down while I stitched it together.  She turned it right way out, poked out the corners with a chop stick and stuffed it.

Half an hour later we had a cute, personalised (I know, it’s a sickness) pillow for her bed that she really felt like she made.

Has anyone else done any quick and satisfying crafts with their kids lately? Do share.

PS: It just occurred to me that these would make great take-home gifts from a sleep-over or pyjama party.


4 thoughts on “A simple personalised pillow to make with your child

  1. Hi Kristan, What a wonderful idea. I have a group of Grandmothers who sew with me once a month and they were looking for some sewing to do with their grand daughters and I have forward this on to them. I am also going to do it with Fergus as he is so interested when I have the machine out, now I know what I can show. I will have to go and get some BOY material.
    Best Wishes, Maree Moscato

    • Hi Maree – how lovely to receive a comment from you. I’m so pleased I’ve provided something to inspire your group and that you can do with Fergus. xxxx

  2. Hi,

    Do you take custom orders? Can you make them with sparkly vampires’ names on them? My daughter would like a Team Carlisle one.

    All smartypantsness aside, it is toi cuoite. Tried to get crafty with Clem this arvo for D’s birthday present, and as soon as he got home, she told him everything. Thanks! Surprise!



    • Yes I do take custom orders. Would you like that Team Carlisle one covered in talcum powder like Carlisle’s eyebrows? Can do.
      Always tricky to get the smaller beings to keep quiet. Maybe next time try a decoy craft?

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