A sweet heart

I love the pink button on this clip so much and I’m not sure whether it’s because of or in spite of the fact that it looks kind of like a half-sucked, shiny, strawberry-and-cream sweet.

Sophia loves to sort through my felt circles and hearts – particularly the hearts – and a  few days ago I was ensconced in some sewing when she sidled up to me and said very sweetly “Mamma, do you think you could make me a heart-shaped hair clip?”.

Usually when I’m working I beg off from these little requests which always leaves me feeling guilty. So it was nice this time to just say expansively “Well of course my little dumpling, I happen to have everything we need just here”. Or words to that effect.

And so I set my work aside and we made her a little clip. She felt extra pleased because not only did she get to use one of my “work” felts but she also had a lovely time digging through my bags of buttons to choose just the right one.

My husband teases me (and rightly so, frankly) for the inordinate amount of crafting materials I’ve managed to accumulate. But I was delighted to be able to just sit down and have everything on hand to create what she had in her mind’s eye.

One of my new things is working on saying yes more often to these little requests. To that end, we’ve just put in a new kitchen bench for cooking together…but more on that in an upcoming post.

Because after all, in a short time she might think she’s far too cool to spend time with her mother. In anticipation, her father and I have been working on some extremely cool dance routines for when her tweenage friends sleep over to try to convince her of just how hip parents can be.  The mere thought of her face sends us into gales of laughter and spurs us on to keep practising. So we can be the best we can be. At embarrasing her.


3 thoughts on “A sweet heart

  1. Well ! utterly beautiful musings and ramblings. I too have collected copious quantities of craft materials and fabrics from fossicking locally and overseas. I just need a room lined with beautiful white shelves to house these treasures alas a one bedroom apartment does not cut it – and yes my parents are housing some of my treasures at their houses , shameful I know ! Becoming a kindergarten teacher gave me some justification for some of my resource hoarding….but maybe not enough. Really enjoyed your blog xxx

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