Handmade stationery

I recently participated in a stationery swap organised by Amanda over at Calico and Co. If you’re not familiar with the concept of a craft swap, the premise is simple. Make or put together something lovely (in this case, stationery) and post it to another person participating in the swap to whom you’ve been randomly assigned.

I always love the challenge of sitting down and thinking about what to send to my person. I knew I wanted to send some twirling betty bunting cards but I also decided to try a couple of other things.

The first were these personalised ribbon note cards. I was really pleased with the way they turned out. I might do a quick tutorial on these later as a little package of them with envelopes makes a sweet gift and they’re super simple.

Finally, I made a card using a beautiful stamp set I bought a while back from Yellow Owl Workshop.While we’re visiting Yellow Owl Workshop can I just say that I need this. Not want, you understand, need.

Yes folks, it’s true: I do loves me a bit of fabric sewn onto card. And if I can stamp it as well – all the better.

Given that I am of the view that it should be illegal not to write handwritten thank you notes (and if I ever run for office it will be on that platform – will you vote for me?) this was a really lovely swap to participate in.

Even more so when you see what my person sent me. I almost passed out from the sheer loveliness of it all. I’m still photographing it but will post it very soon.

What about you guys? Do you believe in handwritten notes and letters? Or is my political party doomed to failure in this world of instantaneous communication?

7 thoughts on “Handmade stationery

  1. Oh, I love handwritten notes and letters. But I do have to admit that I rarely handwrite any letters nowadays. I mostly write emails. Sad in a way isn’t it?! But it’s just quicker – writing and the actual mailing – and cheaper.
    Thank you notes are not big in Germany. (Weird isn’t it.) But I do like writing postcards once in a while. I try to make an effort to handwrite some mail. It’s actually fun to take the time and do it. And I am trying to teach my daughter how fun mail can be – and practise writing with her.

  2. I find it so sad that most people would not think of having little handmade notes to send to friends. I have monogramed little note cards and have made so many others that I am in love with. To me, sending a card evokes a feeling you cannot get with an email. I fear that this method will diminish because society is becoming too lazy…this is the moment I hate technology!!

    • I know what you mean Meg. There’s nothing lovelier than a hand-written note. And we’re certianly getting lazier. And weaker. I got writers’ cramp from writing hand-written thank yous for my daughters birthday presents over the weekend. Pathetic!

  3. A good friend of mine always encouraged her childen to write thank you notes to people and I’m doing that too (though it does add to the chores sometimes and I’d probably have to admit to making them doing it as opposed to ‘encouraging’). Anyway, it does leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling about the children for sending one and thinking very highly of the parent that instilled such politeness in her children. Her children’s thank you cards were always handmade very crafty too which makes me ooo and ahhh in wonder of the effort! I may just have to buy yours and work on the grammar and spelling!xx

    • A friend of mine, Olive’s Godmother, ALWAYS write a handwritten note saying thanks every time we have her for dinner. Even if I’ve just served fish and chips from the local shop. (I feel compelled to add we have bloody good fish and chips near us). It’s so lovely to get her cards/notes and she always says something hilarious and totally makes my day. It’s an art we should FORCE our kids to learn I think. FORCE THEM. DO YOU HEAR ME?

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