Is there nothing a moustache can’t fix?

I know moustaches were the new cupcakes and that macarons are now the new moustaches (which makes ‘tashes a little bit Dec 2009 [unless you’re my dad and have been rocking one since waaaaay before they became cool again i.e since 1973] but I defy anyone to find a situation that can’t be improved by adding a moustache.

To wit:

And here’s one I prepared much earlier entitled ‘Papa Giuseppe’.

Yes, we ensured Olive was accustomed to ‘stashes from an early age. All the parenting books said we should. Oh. Hang on a sec. No I think when I reflect back on it, what the books might have said was accustom her to sharing her stash of toys. Which I read as just plain ‘stash. My mistake.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and thank you so very much for your beautiful, congratulatory comments. I’ve loved reading about everyone’s good stuff.

4 thoughts on “Is there nothing a moustache can’t fix?

  1. Such a cute photo – they have the ‘tache genes on both sides, so there’s no hope for them, is there?!?

    Also, that second pic made me double-take – when did Violet grow one?


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