Another twirling betty giveaway

Although this time it’s not here, it’s over on the amazing Ashley Anne’s blog – Under the Sycamore.

I first stumbled on Ashley’s blog after I saw her cat-eye glasses onesie tutorial. You might remember this post I did about it. I still totally LOVE that onesie and it’s right up there at the top of my to-do list. Well, not right at the top. It’s just after “dig pool” and “write novel”. So it might be a week or so before I get to it.

Back to Ashley. After I emailed her to check if she was okay with me using her photo on my blog, she was kind enough to offer to do a giveaway on her blog and I jumped at the chance.

Her blog is gorgeous and her photos make me hold my breath. Their crystalline clarity and her wondrous capacity to capture the magic in the mundane is just beautiful. One day I hope to be able to take photos like her. (*adds that to to-do list*).

You can see some more of her beautiful shots of both Ashley and her daughter (nicknamed Firecracker – love it because I have one of my own) and throw your hat in the ring to win a twirling betty polka dot visor by commenting on this post on her blog. Quick sticks though – she’s drawing it on Monday.

All photos in this post thanks to Ashley Ann Photography.

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