Peg dolls for a plane ride

So my beloved sister-in-law and her husband are moving to the USA in one week and in an incredibly selfish act on her part she’s taking my nieces with her. Can you believe that? No, I can’t either.

I suspended my denial for just long enough over the weekend to make something for Clementine to play with on the plane.

I wonder what could possibly be inside this intriguing little felt package?

Well, hello laaaaaaydees.

The gals all dressed up and ready for play.

My ladies were inspired by these really divine peg dolls.

We’ve done a bit of long haul flying with babies and toddlers and while it’s never fun, it can be much more manageable if you deeply sedate your kids. JOKING. Just checking to see if you were listening.

What I was really going to say was a long trip is always more tolerable with lots and lots of tiny toysΒ  and activities (each individually wrapped so that the unwrapping takes up as much time as possible) and lots and lots of food. That’s it. It’s pretty much that simple. If anyone would like my comprehensive list of things you can pack to amuse aΒ  toddler on the plane, then please leave a comment and I’ll happily email it to you.

I’m pretty sure my (very rough – don’t look closely or you’ll see just how badly the pens bled) peg dolls will occupy Clementine for all of about, oh, 4 minutes. But that’s 4 minutes Cassie can devote to bawling her eyes out because she’s already missing me so much. Which would be time well spent I think.

23 thoughts on “Peg dolls for a plane ride

  1. I love this. You will be a deeply missed Aunt and Sister! I’m going to make a terrible mother though, as I truly wanted to believe that sedating your kids for long periods of travel is a perfectly acceptable way of flying. it works for me dammit! I’ve got my first little bean in my belly right now, very unplanned but very welcomed. My own parents travelled a lot with me as a kid (13 european countries before the age of 3!) and I hope to do the same some day soon, money permitting of course. I’d love to hear your travel tips. And I’d love to compliment your amazing creations too, you are one talented lady!

    • What lovely things to say! Thanks Sara. Sedation has worked for me on many flights too! Shhhhh! Congrats on your impending bean. Great joy ahead for you. x

  2. So cute! My mother in law just gave me some wooden pegs and I had no idea what do to with them (short of actually using them to hang out washing!). Thanks for the idea!

  3. I made these for my nieces for their birthdays….a huge hit. I also wrote a post about it too. This is such an easy thing to do for little girls, but man, do they all love them πŸ˜‰

  4. Oh, how cute!
    I was never flying with kids. But long car rides are not much fun either. I would not mind getting your list! πŸ™‚ I have a list of my own for car rides … but you know, there can never be too much if you have to spend hours in a car!:-)
    It actually got alot better with my daughter when she was old enough to listen to audio stories. Wonder what it will be like once we will be going on long trips with her and little man …

  5. I absolutely love peg dolls and haven’t seen any for a long, long time. I thought maybe they had gone the way of the dodo in this technological age. Nice to see they are still ‘alive and well’

  6. how cute and love that picture of them peeping out the pockets with that comment. cracked me up.
    i want some for my flight! don’t suppose you feel like making some for your shop this week do you!!? no pressure πŸ˜‰

  7. Finally found this after wading through 4 days of my reader! Sniffle, snuffle, blubber, baaaaaaaawwwlll!

    WTF am I doing?!? πŸ™‚ Miss C will love you forever and then another day or two I reckon. You’re ace.


  8. the list please!!! we are leaving tomorrow to visit my family an California and we have a 19 month old girly and a 4 month son – our hands are gonna be full!
    i’m scrambling around trying to find things that will keep Emma interested and QUIET, but am kind of coming up dry.

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