More peg dolls…bound for England

These little ladies are off on a long plane trip to England with the daughter of a lovely reader, George. Undeterred by bleedy pens and rough clothes, she commissioned me to make a few. Well “commissioned” might be slightly too strong a word. Makes me sound as though I think I’m the Michaelangelo of peg dolls. Which anyone can see I’m not. I’m more  the Raphael.

As I tucked them into their little beds they were practising trying to sound as English as possible. Cheeky buggers.

The one in the middle  couldn’t say anything because her mouth was covered by a huge button. Probably just as well. She had a very risque sense of humour that one.

I also wanted to share with you this lovely bunting card that George made and posted about over on her blog, Kitty n’ Kitsch.

Love the way she’s used natural-coloured card.

George was also the winner of the most recent twirling betty giveaway I hosted here a month or so ago. She did this post on her blog showing one of her cuties wearing the prize she chose. Love that the child is clearly dripping from a recent swim. So Sydney in the Spring time.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend and if not packing for an overseas trip then at least relaxing and enjoying some Spring or Autumn sunshine, depending which side of the world you’re on.


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