Buy a one-of-a-kind twirling betty visor or headband and help support CanTeen: young people living with cancer

I recently participated in a competition on Made It to design something made with CanTeen bandannas.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, CanTeen is a fantastic charitable organisation that supports young people on their journey with cancer. Every year, in the month of October, CanTeen sells fabric bandannas that people can wear on National Bandanna Day (Friday, October 29th this year) to show their support for and solidarity with young people living with cancer.

Here are the two things I made.

I know probably every single one of you will, sadly, either have personal experience with cancer or know someone who has. My father quite miraculously survived a battle with an aggressive and advanced cancer 15 years ago (astounding his doctors) but my uncle was not so lucky.

It’s an horrific, insidious disease and I live in great hope that one day I will wake to the headline that they’ve discovered a general cure for all types of cancer. I truly do wish for that above most other things.

Until then, let’s flip cancer the bird and show our support for, among all the others, young people dealing with cancer.

Made It have created a special category of bandanna items and you can see them all here. Made It will also be matching the sale price of every Bandanna item sold and donating this to CanTeen – which I think is pretty cool of them. So if you see anything there that you like, go ahead and buy it, happy in the knowledge you are getting a one-of-a-kind piece AND supporting a fabulous cause.

By the way, although Made It is an Australian site, most Made It sellers will gladly ship overseas.

Sellers are also donating the proceeds from the sale of their bandanna items (please see the individual listing for donation conditions).

Finally, I’m delighted to tell you I was one of 6 people selected as a winner by CanTeen staff. I was honoured to be able to make a contribution and to be one of the winners is just the icing on the cake. Click on the pictures to view all the winning items below.

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