3 cool things from the interwebs

There are few things I enjoy more than a good old mosy around the interwebs. Andrew would say I have an addiction. I would say I owe a duty to my lovely readers to find cool things to share with them. And to that end, I have three fab things for you today.

First, if you own an iphone or ipad, then Poolga (found via How about Orange) is a site you should know about. They have the most fabulous art that you can download as wallpaper. Here are a few of my favourites:

Because, frankly, I am much more partial to a sweetly accessorised mournful gorilla than a palm-fringed beach at sunset or, indeed, my own children.

My second very ace discovery this week in the ether, was  www.mapenvelope.com

I was searching for an envelope template I could download and trace over some old Atlas pages I have and came across this piece of awesome. You simply plug in the address and a message, let Google Maps do its work, and then print and cut your template. I LOVE IT.

Look, this is where we lived in Rome. The message is an unsubtle hint to Andrew to book flights. Pronto.

Imagine all the ways you could use this….party invitations, “wish you were here”s (ie in this exact spot – hilarious), “looking forward to seeing you here”s. Lots of potential uses. I have printed two to mail to the lovely friends I’m staying with in Sydney in a couple of weeks with a “can’t wait to be right here” message.

Finally, the recent trend in fake moustaches is what prompted this post I did a little while back. And recently a lovely journalist called Samantha Selinger-Morris referred to that post and gave twirling betty the last word in a cute online video article she did on the fad for the Sydney Morning Herald.

So never let it be said I am derelict in my duty; my duty to surf the web to find cool things to show you. I take my duty EXTREMELY seriously.


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