My roses are getting drunk.

Aren’t these roses beautiful? They’re from a bush my late father-in-law gave my mother-in-law some years ago. I love that pale lemon with the pink blush on the edges.

And yes, I have once again used a shot glass (that I wasn’t using for my usual 10am round of vodka shots) as a vase. Classy. Well, I think it is now that I’ve tied a matching ribbon around it.

Do you think the roses will like that vodka they’re in though? It’s good quality stuff.  None of your back-yard, fermented potato peelings stuff for my blooms.

Nah, just pulling your leg. They’re in water. As if I’d waste a whole glass of perfectly good vodka on flowers.

Despite being surrounded by little girls, I’m no Miss Hannigan. Yet.


One thought on “My roses are getting drunk.

  1. Ha ha! My husband bought me roses the other day and I couldn’t find a vase so mine are in a coffee jar. Worst part, I haven’t even taken the label off! 😛

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