twirling betty in the press – Shop Girl Spring/Summer 2010

You know how you think of yourself a certain way? For example I like to think of myself as crafty, all about handmade, all about backyard gardens, humanely treated animals, and environmentally sound practices. I also like to occasionally think of myself as Jon Bon Jovi’s wife. Just to balance things out.

Aaaaanyway. As part of all of my efforts to be an annoyingly responsible handmade devotee, I feel compelled to try to reduce the amount of random consumption I do. In other words, I consciously try to stop myself buying so much “stuff”. But then Shop Girl came along.

Now, look, obviously I am biased because twirling betty products are featured in Shop Girl’s Spring/Summer 2010 issue. I may even concede fairly large amounts of bias on the basis that they have featured five of my products. I mean, I was imagining one product might make the cut, squealed when there were two, laughed when I found the third, gasped when I found the fourth and pretty much had passed out by the time I flicked through the pages to discover the 5th. The owners of the newsagency were kind enough to handle me gently as they escorted me – the crazy, squealing, gasping woman – from their shop.

When I got home and had a chance to sit down and read through the magazine properly, I was really surprised. To be honest, with a title like Shop Girl, I had kind of expected something, well, I’m not really sure what I expected but it was different to what I found.

Yes, Shop Girl is jam packed with “stuff”. Stuff I’m sure the majority of us could do without, but let me tell you, if you do decide to buy some stuff for your kids, this is the magazine to flick through.

It is packed with page after page of really great things. And, even better, many of them are handmade. For example, on the page below, I was delighted to see some handmade covered buttons from my bloggy friend, Lou from Buttons by Lou Lou were also featured. As well, there are lots of Etsy shops, eco-friendly products and even a crafty how-to section with instructions and ideas for jazzing up a plain pair of runners. Very cute.

If, like me, you love the process of browsing here, there and everywhere for perfect gifts as Christmas approaches, and you have girls to buy for this year, then I promise you’ll be inspired if you flick through this mag. I pretty much want one of everything in there. I genuinely like this magazine very much. I I really enjoy finding lovely things for my kids for Christmas and their birthdays and always love seeing what’s new on the market. This magazine taps right into that and I truly enjoyed flicking through it. About a hundred times.

Having said all that, it’s aimed at the tween market and although there are lots of ideas that are suitable for younger kids in there too, I am holding off actually browsing through it with Sophia until she’s a little older. I have to admit, I am really looking forward to doing that with her. Does that make me a bad mother? A mother who places emphasis on “stuff”? Perhaps. But I don’t think looking at cute and appropriate fashions for kids with your own girls is so bad. And I’m also hoping I continue to be able to balance our consumption of “stuff” with an appreciation of all that other really important stuff I talked about above.

Right, I’m off to harvest some home-grown lettuce and knit a hemp sock or something by way of penance.

11 thoughts on “twirling betty in the press – Shop Girl Spring/Summer 2010

  1. Congrats! This is very exciting…to me, so I can hardly imagine how you feel. I’m in the process of purging “stuff”…LOTS of “stuff”. And it’s really been a struggle to not accumulate more. Having said that, I’ll always love looking at stuff ~ whether I need it or not. I guess the key is living IN one’s life, not through it via things.

    • Thanks Julie. That’s lovely of you to be excited! Thanks for all your support. Hope your “stuff” purge has been cleansing. x

  2. Congratulations !!!!And well deserved. They have shown your stuff well too – nice styling. Hope you sell lots ’cause it will help pay for the girls’ stuff!! xx

  3. whoa! congratulations! totally brilliant that handmade is prominently featured (and especially yours!). i was enamored with all that stuff as a teen, and surely could have used someone to give me a bit of perspective! i think your girls will appreciate it!

    • Thanks for your congrats Kendra. Yep, I’m so pleased they have so much handmade in there. I don’t know any teen who isn’t enamoured with “stuff”. I think attachment to it must be a rite of passage to adulthood. Hmmm, I hope my girls do appreciate it. But I think they’re more likely to be mortified by their hemp socks than grateful!

  4. Huge congratulations lovely. I just love the goosebumps I experience from reading that someone I love is receiving the exposure they deserve. Well done and they look fantastic! The girls must be so proud! X

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