Photos from an early Christmas celebration

This year we’re spending Christmas Day with Andrew’s side of the family so we celebrated early with my Mum and Dad and brother at my parent’s place.

The golden light out over the Melbourne Botanic Gardens and up to Government House from their apartment just as twilight was creeping in was so beautiful.

My mum generally does the whole traditional shebang: turkey, ham, plum pudding. But this year she opted for a cold seafood buffet and not only was it much more relaxing (for everyone) it looked and tasted spectacular.

We had oysters with my brother’s special homemade Thousand Island sauce.

Illegal amounts of smoked salmon with dill and caper mayonnaise.

Fat, succulent, sweet prawns.

Asian-style squid with coriander (cilantro).

And to cut through the all that rich seafood, we had some simple salads including this divine asparagus and snow pea salad with a soy and sesame oil dressing and garnished with jewel-bright pomegranate seeds.

Mum bought these sweet, straw decorations in Copenhagen.

In case you’re wondering, that’s my Dad and brother in the background. My Dad is a hobby pilot and my brother is a professional helicopter pilot so they were having fun using one of my brother’s flying GPS thingys to plan my Dad’s flight plan for the next day.

Even if we renounced turkey and ham, there was no way we were giving up our plum pud. There would have been rioting if it hadn’t appeared. And when it did appear it was in spectacular fashion.

We had such a brilliant night. Lots of laughs and lots of this:

Which led to hilarious things (well, we found them hilarious at the time) like the straw buck taking an inappropriate interest in the straw doe.

Ah, it just isn’t Christmas without the decorations attempting to perpetuate their species. Well perhaps not. But it is about laughing your head off.


4 thoughts on “Photos from an early Christmas celebration

  1. Wow. I am simultaneously GREEEEEN with envy and super happy for you. Sounds like a good night. Fancy a repeat (mucho seafood, wine and wrong jokes) in Feb?


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