Gingerbread House

Well there it is folks. This year’s house of bread and ginger.

My mum made the slabs this year (we bought them ready-made last year and put them together) . She found a template on the net, printed it out and then duly measured and cut each piece carefully and precisely only to have the gingerbread change shape during cooking. Some bits shrunk. Some got bigger. And then the icing I made to hold it all together that was supposed to be thick and sticky was neither.

The result was a wonky, precarious house that had mum and I in gales of laughter.

However, in true Christmas fashion, it all turned out allright in the end.

There was a massive gap where the roof slabs should have aligned, walls sticking out all over the place and a heavily (some might say dangerously) bowed roof on one side. The Gingerbread Construction Authority (GCA) , had they come across it, would have slapped a condemned sticker on.

The icing took forever to set and I thought my mum was going to have to stand in our kitchen and actually hold it together herself until Christmas day. So it was a relief, for her in particular as she actually had other plans for the following week, when the icing finally hardened.

We had a ball decorating our little crooked house and I was impressed with the weight that the roof was actually able to bear despite its outward appearance (that’s a life lesson if ever I heard one). In the end, I think it looks pretty spectacular.

My Dad might be the one with the engineering degree and a masters thesis in concrete stress fractures, but I’ll be looking to my mum over him for construction advice from now on.

In future I may instead make gorgeous houses like this, this and this. And they will look fab. But I bet we don’t get quite as many laughs along the way.

Anyone else been building?


6 thoughts on “Gingerbread House

  1. Your house is so cute! I particularly like the signpost – brilliant!
    And we both had the same idea for the roof!
    I’m glad you had such fun – brilliant to be sharing moments like that at Christmas with your loved ones.

  2. oh you are so brave, it’s fabulous. I especially love that you made it with your Mum. I would love to do something like that. I love spending time with my Mum, we live 8 hours drive away from each other. I think your house is just splendid, and the memories you have of making it even more so. Bless and thanks for making me smile and think of my own darling Mum and the wonderful times we share when we do get together.

  3. i bought one from aldi and it was the worst thing ever unlike yours. your is spectacular it the best ginger bread house i have ever seen even better than the one my friend made… and she makes them pretty good.

  4. Oh, I think your house turned out really beautiful!!!!
    And you know what, the thing with the pieces changing happened to me before, too! So it is not just you guys! 😉
    I have read that you can also cut the pieces AFTER baking. This will make sure that they are the size you want them to be. But I do not find that as pretty as you will see the end where you have cut …
    I wanted to make a gingerbread house this year, too. But oh well … There was NO way I actually could fit it in! But maybe next year!

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