3 handmade Christmas wreaths

I have a thing for wreaths. Love ’em. Given that, I’m unable to answer the question just how many wreaths are too many. But I do know it certainly aint three. Which is, you guessed it, how many are adorning my house this year.

I know I posted a photo of the yarn-wrapped wreath last year, but I’ve hung it over my office door this year and I love it against that vintage frosted glass.

This is one I made two years ago when I went through a jingle bell wreath stage. Inspired by Martha Stewart’s how-to, mine never looked anywhere near as spectacular as hers. Although I think this one turned out okay in the end with the addition of the stars and some more of my old friend: red and white polka dot fabric. I’m a spotaholic.

This year I wanted something new for the front door so I bought a green wreath form and then dressed it up using decorations from Spotlight (where else) and added a little glass owl for whimsy.

I don’t know if owls are actually very Christmas-y. In fact, I generally find things like that a little creepy but there was something endearing about this little Polish glass owl and the way he nestles into the greenery is very satisfying really.

I mean, come on, could you have resisted those vaguely stoned sleepy eyes? Thought not.

I had great fun experimenting with the bits and pieces I got from Spotty to come up with this arrangement. I love those red and white lollipop-y bits the best. Although the enormous fake poinsettia comes a close second. What’s not to love about enormous glittering stamens.

Has anyone else been feeling the love of wreaths this year?


9 thoughts on “3 handmade Christmas wreaths

  1. I loooove Christmas wreaths and yours are so pretty! I had grand plans to make a wreath for my front door this year, but in between indecision at what kind of wreath to make and the various minor calamaties which struck our household in the month leading up to Christmas, I never ended up making one.

    Oh well, maybe I’ll make one over the summer holidays for next year, LOL. I did buy a whole lot of cheap Christmas baubles from the op shop, perhaps I will work out how to wire them together in a bauble wreath…

    • Oh no – sorry to hear December was calamitous. There’s obviously never a good time for calamities, but December is esp bad timing! Hope all resolved and you had yourselves a very Merry Christmas indeed. Love bauble wreaths. Love to see what you come up with.
      And I’ve decided to do a full mid-year Christmas in winter this year. AWESOME excuse to get out the decos and make another wreath…maybe you could too…

  2. completely wreath obsessed over here too! I really really wanted to make a felt ball wreath this year (real living page 150-heaven!) but didn’t find any balls (of that kind anyway) and didn’t find any time. boooo. xx

    • Yes, boo to that. So hard to find the time isn’t it. I know the felt ball one you’re talking about. Gorgeous. A house nearby has a similar thing and I always admire it. I alread have wreathy ideas formulating in my head for next year. Tragic.

    • Thanks so much Shea. I know, enormous glittering stamens….they’re irresistible….to all but the strongest. So glad you love my blog. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a great start to 2011. xx

  3. omg i love your wreaths i really like the bell with the polka dot robbon where did you buy it from i want some!!! like you im a spotaholic to i ador them there fabulous!!!!!!!!! so cute cya

  4. Oh, I love your bell wreath. And to be honest – I do like Martha Stewart alot but I think your wreath is MUCH cuter! Do not tell her please! 😉

    I also do love wreaths but I only used two this year. And one actually was not even a wreath.

    And the other one was a wreath that I just decorated with some straw stars so I guess this one does not really cound either.
    (You see the wreath at the bottom of the post.)

    But I am always having big plans … I would like to make a paper wreath I saw that was folded and looked so cute. Also I saw a totally adorable one made out of stuffed toys!

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